How to Pick The Right Watch That Matches Your Outfit: 7 Tips


The accessories you wear plays a pivotal role in making you look good. A watch is one such accessory, an essential one that adds a charm to your personality. But most men tend to wear the wrong watch with their clothes. Imagine wearing a sports watch with your blazer. It’ll not look good.

Whether it’s a classic sports watch or a luxury watch, you need to make the right selection. We live in a time when looks matter a lot. Your poise, style, and posture can grab a lot of attention. Men have limited jewellery and accessory options. So a watch is like the singular expression of personality, which makes choosing the right one essential.
Following trends blindly is not a good option. If you decide on a particular luxury watch, you need to know the in-depth features before investing.

Matching watches with clothes is a lot easier compared to earlier times because of the wide range of options. Check out our collection of casual dress watches and watches for formal wear. .

But, if you have no idea how to pick the right watch that suits your personality and outfit, then here are seven tips that can help you!

A] How to Match Watch With Outfits: Effective Tips To Stand Out

When it comes to men’s watches, there are a plethora of choices. This, more often than not, can make selecting the right watch that matches your outfit a difficult task. Moreover, there are various things that you need to consider, from the watch type and the colour of the strap to the occasion and matching footwear. Thus, below we have listed seven tips that will ensure you pick a watch that matches your overall look.

1. Know About the Watch Types

Digital watches have LCD-display and straps made from rubber. Analog watches have a face with hour and minutes; they have indices and numbers that display a 12 hours cycle. These are considered classic and formal.

What to consider: There are five main types of men’s watches – Dress, Dive, Pilot, Field, and Racing.

  • Dress watches are simple, sophisticated, and sleek. Casual dress watches feature black leather straps with hash marks. It can feature Roman numerals or no numerals (an empty face). Check out this Bering blue Analog watch for men.
  • Dive watches are designed for underwater diving and feature deep-water resistance. They are available in medium size, easy-to-read numerals, and include a date window.
  • Pilot watches are made for the cockpit. They are available in large dial with clean legible numbers and luminous hands. These watches are available in leather straps. For instance, check out this BERING’s white multifunction men’s watch that is a feature-packed timepiece with three dials that shows the 24-hour time format, weekday and date.
  • Field watches are rugged, versatile, and functional. They have a high contrast dial with easy-to-read indices and silicone mesh strap that offers unmatched longevity and style. They also provide you with precise quartz movement. Take a look at this Bering True Aurora Analog Men’s Watch that comes with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and water-resistant capabilities.
  • Racing watches are available in large to medium size. There are available in contrasting colours and are often bright. They might include chronograph & date window, and the case may be stainless steel or metal.

2. Match Your Watch Strap With Your Outfit

Once you’re aware of the type of watch that’ll look best with your clothes, you’ll be able to narrow down on things. Choosing the right material is the next step towards matching your watch.

There are two main types of materials available in watch straps – leather bands and silicone mesh/stainless steel straps. Leather watch bands are formal compared to stainless steel straps. The black leather band is more formal than brown leather making it the perfect watch for formal wear.

What to consider:

  • Mesh steel or stainless steel strap is the most preferred choice for semi-casual occasions. Whereas, the leather band looks good with blazers and suits.
  • If you are wearing a black blazer, a black leather watch will look good. Consider brown colour if your suit is light-coloured that includes different pastel shades.

The Mesh steel strap looks good with semi-formal attire. A classy mesh strap watch will look good with your denim jacket. The best part, you will be able to choose the colour of the dial. If you need to wear a watch with a denim jacket, you’ll be able to pick a blue dial watch with a steel strap.

3. Match the Formality Depending on the Occasion

Matching your watch with the dress code is important. While there are some watches you can wear with anything, you can’t, however, wear a sports watch for a formal occasion as that’ll spoil your entire look.

What to consider:

  • For business wear or corporate event, go with a classic silver or gold watch. A classic dress watch is best-paired with a dark suit. A black leather strap watch also goes well with a suit or formal attire.
  • For sharp casual attire, select a watch that looks sporty. You can pick a large watch face or watches with more complex features. A casual pilot or field watch will surely look great such as this multifunctional watch by Bering.
  • With casual clothes – polo shirts, jeans, and tees – choose a field or sports watch.
  • Some men also wear smartwatches, which are the latest fad in watch types and looks great when paired with casual clothes.

4. Leather Complements More With Leather

While choosing the best watch, you need to consider the material of your suit, shoes, and belt. These are suitable start-point that will help you pick the right watch type.

What to consider:

  • You should start by matching your shoes and formal belt. If your shoes are brown, then your belt should also be brown. It is the first rule of dressing up formally.
  • Then choose a watch that goes well with both. A brown leather strap watch will perfectly complement with your formal attire. A black watch band should be worn with black shoes and a belt.
  • The watch band does not have to be in a similar colour. You won’t get a band that matches the true colour, so choose a similar tone.

5. Metal Complements Metal

The metal case or stainless steel strap of your watch should complement the metal accents. The case is available in many different shapes – square, rectangle, and round. The finish on the case can be matt, patterned, or shiny. Most straps also have crystals or jewels.

What to consider:

  • The different materials used for the watch case include silver, titanium, gold, ceramic and platinum.
  • A rose gold watch looks perfect with a gold belt buckle. Don’t match a silver watch with gold as that may look awkward.
  • If you are wearing a gold or silver ring or bracelet, opt for a watch with a black case to make a style statement. Something like this.
  • The other accessories include cufflinks, brooch, and any other piece of jewellery on the coat. A gold plated watch is best suited to earthy tones. It also goes well with tones of grey and black. Don’t pair a leather strap watch with your gold or silver accessories.

6. Heirloom Watches Bend the Rule

Heirloom watches are not your regular watches. These timepieces represent a legacy. An heirloom watch is worn as a good luck charm or in the loving memory of the owner. It cannot be subjected to matching rules or put in a particular category.

What to consider:

Heirloom timepieces allow you to make a different kind of impression, unlike regular watches. These watches are not worn based on the latest trends. But, it’s more to do with the memory of a loved one or family history.

7. Match Your Watch With Your Footwear

Black may be a universal colour, but that does mean you can make it a default choice. At times, brown shoes are a better choice. Here, interchangeable leather bands are useful – one in black and one in brown.

What to consider:

  • Slip-on loafers are considered business casual, so it makes a better choice for black straps. Black leather is more formal as compared to brown.
  • A black watch band is more suitable for formal events. Silver strap watches match best with shoes in black, grey, or silver.
  • Gold watches go well with shades like pastel, earthy, and browns. If you are wearing a black suit, stick to wearing a formal watch.

Final Thoughts,

The next time you invest in a luxury watch or chronograph style, match it with your clothes and accessories. When you match your watch with your clothes, it has a huge impact on your personality.

It makes you look more confident and attractive. Smartwatches are in vogue, but smartwatches may not go well with your formal attire like a suit or blazer.

Traditional watch styles look best with your blazers. Look your best with the right style of watch and don’t forget to consider different watch strap colour rules.

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