The Ultimate Men’s Guide on How to Choose the Right Wristwatch


With the wide selection of casual and luxury watches online in India, buying a watch that complements your style can be one of the toughest decisions to make. If you have little-to-no knowledge of what different terms mean when it comes to varied watch styles, then this ultimate guide is just what you need. This guide highlights things you need to consider when looking to buy a wristwatch for men online. It provides information on different terminologies – quartz, mechanical, analogue, etc. Thus, check out this watch style guide now to know how to choose a watch that suits you.

A] How to Choose the Right Wristwatch – Things To Consider

1. Display: Analogue (Analog) vs Digital Watches

To begin your hunt for the perfect watch, you need to first decide on the display. The top two display choices include analog and digital watches.

  • Analogue Watches: A common display for watches, Analogue watches display time via hands on the dial and include the hour hand, the minute hand, and the second hand. These watches are more traditional and elegant compared to a digital watch. These timepieces offer varied designs and are highly durable, making them a great choice for all occasions.
  • Digital Watches: These watches use an LCD screen to display time electronically. It is only available with quartz movement and displays time in minutes & hours while some digital watches also show seconds. Digital watches might not be as sophisticated or elegant as analog watches, but they are much more cost-effective. Some digital watches also offer additional features such as calendar, timer, etc. However, they are prone to wear & tear and not ideal for long-term use.

Hybrid watches (a combination of the first two) and touchscreen watches (includes a touchscreen display) are a few of the other wristwatches for men.

2. Watch Movement: Quartz vs Mechanical

Next, you need to consider the watch movement, which is the mechanism that drives (or give life) to the watch. Generally, they are divided into two categories – quartz and mechanical.

  • Quartz: This is the common type of mechanism used in watches and is known for its accuracy and durability. Compared to mechanical watches, quartz watches are more affordable & practical and can be distinguished from the ‘jump’ the second hand makes, when moving from one second to another.
  • Mechanical: These watches have a rotor attached to the movement; run by mechanical parts. They can be either hand-wound (self–winding) or automatic (the rotor spins as your wrist moves). The motion of the second hand is smooth & sweeping compared to quartz watches. However, mechanical watches are more expensive and not as accurate as quartz watches.

3. Energy Source: Quartz or Solar or Smartwatch

When considering the different watch styles, you also need to check the energy source that powers the watch. Quartz watches are battery-operated while solar watches are powered by a solar cell that absorbs solar energy via photovoltaic solar cells to convert light into electrical energy. Smartwatches, in contrast, are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

4. Design and Strap Material

If you are buying a watch for daily wear, stick to light, comfortable, and practical designs. Conventional and vintage designs are most suited for formal occasions as they have timeless appeal. Whereas, if you have an active lifestyle, buy functional watches with high durability.

Leather watch-band and stainless steel mesh straps are the most popular watch strap material used. High-quality strap material will ensure long-lasting use. When choosing a strap material, consider flexibility, high-strength, durability, comfort, sweat and water resistance. Apart from the above, other strap materials include mesh textured silicone band, ceramic watch-band, titanium watch-band, among others.

5. Comfort, Size and Budget

Your comfort level should be the top consideration when buying a watch. No matter how impressive and feature-rich the watch is, if doesn’t feel comfortable, it is not right for you.

When it comes to the size; depending on your wrist size, you can either choose a watch with a slim dial or an oversized watch like this limited-edition classic Bering watch for men.

Your budget can also influence your purchase decision. However, it is important to never compromise on quality and comfort based on the price tag. You can find the best wristwatches for men online that are classy as well as affordable. So, choose a watch that complements your style and personality.

B.Different Types of Wristwatches For Men

1. Casual Watches: This type of watch for men can include both analogue or digital display. It includes a minimalistic design without being too ostentatious. Casual watches are best suited for daily wear, office wear, gym wear, etc. They complement perfectly with jeans and a t-shirt and are easy to maintain with a simple dial and durable strap.


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2. Sports Watches: These are feature-rich watches that show much more than just time. Many of the high-end sports watches feature different functions such as heart rate monitors, GPS tracking, barometers, compass, and more. These are mostly oversized watches ideal for cyclists, sailors, mountaineers, runners, etc. These type of watches are also versatile and can be paired with different outfits.

3. Formal Watches: This type of watch is classy & elegant and suitable for a business suit, dinner jacket, or formal wear. They are a simplistic, fuss-free accessory with an understated charm and visual appeal. They are also highly distinctive and does not include heavy embellishments or ornaments.

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4. Luxury Watches: These statement timepieces are made to impress at first glance. Luxury watches are also an investment and collectors’ item. They have bold yet subtle designs without being flashy. Most luxury watches have excellent craftsmanship and include state-of-the-art technical innovations with rugged aesthetics to ensure it stands the test of time.

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5. GMT Watches: This type of watch is best suited for frequent travellers as it allows you to see two time zones at once. GMT refers to Greenwich Mean Time. This watch has a regular hour hand that rotates (full circle) every 12 hours while the second hour hand rotates once every 24 hours. What’s more, GMT watches have 12 and 24-hour (two-tone) markings on the dial that helps distinguish between daytime (am) and nighttime (pm).


Choosing the right wristwatch for every occasion doesn’t get overwhelming once you know the basic watch terminologies. By considering the above points, you can pick the perfect watch that suits your personality as well as budget. Thus, we hope this wristwatch style guide helped. So, wait no longer; shop right now to buy the best wristwatch for yourself today!

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