9 Best Luxury Bering Men’s Watch Under 10000 (in 2022)


A luxury watch is an asset and investment for men. When it comes to choosing a watch, you must look for nothing but the best. From battery-powered to solar technology and from stainless steel to sapphire crystal watch, there is no dearth of options for selecting a luxury Bering watch under INR 10,000.

The Arctic-beauty inspired Bering watches are designed to impress at first glance and made with the finest quality materials. Bering watches are an absolute example of perfection, and that’s the reason you’ll get nothing but the best.

The Bering men’s watch collection is classified into the different watch styles and streamlined according to comfort & elegance and guarantees perfect harmony with timeless design.

If you’re confused about the right choice in Bering watches, then here is a compiled list of the best Bering luxury watches to help you make the right decision.

Luxury Bering Men’s Watch Under 10,000

1. Bering White Analogue Men’s Watch – 14241-004


It’s a super stylish watch that can be worn with party outfits. It comes with a superior white dial and silver Milanese strap. The dial is covered by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, which gives it a modern look. It supports water resistant up to 30 meters and is powered by the quartz movement.

Reasons for buying the watch:

  • The eye-catching white dial and high build quality of the watch makes it one-of-a-kind. It features an analogue display with a 41 MM case diameter.
  • It is a perfect option for formal occasions as you can pair it with a blazer or suit.

2. Bering Black Analogue Men’s Watch – 16940-499


Are you looking for a black dial watch with black straps? Then this True Aurora watch by Bering is the right option for you. It is one of the best men’s Bering watches available under 10,000. It has a minimalistic design with a breathtaking dial.

It features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that makes it alluring. The watch is powered by a quartz movement, which makes it reliable. It supports water resistance up to 30 meters, and the design of the watch is contemporary.

Reasons for buying the watch:

  • It has an analogue dial with striking blue indices, which makes it easier to read the watch face. The watch is perfect for casual attire and complements well with denim jackets.
  • The inner part of the dial is made from special IP plated aluminium. It also features a mesh structured silicone band that provides a comfortable fit.

3. Bering Brown Analogue Men’s Watch – 13739-562


A perfect choice for all luxury watch lovers, this watch comes in a classic brown dial with an analogue display. It is equipped with quartz movement technology and is scratch-resistant. It features a brown strap with a brown dyed calfskin leather belt that ensures the watch is ultra-comfortable. It is also water-resistant up to 30 meters.

Reasons for buying the watch:

  • The watch has a stylish design that complements well with formal outfits.
  • It is completely lightweight, making it the best wristwatch at this price range. Click here to buy now!

4. Bering Black Analogue Men’s Watch – 13338-462


This watch comes with a dark leather strap and a black dial with a date window. Most men prefer a black dial when it comes to choosing a luxury watch. It features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that protects the dial at all times. This wristwatch is equipped with quartz movement and has water-resistance capability up to 30 meters.

Reasons for buying the watch:

  • It is one uniquely designed watch that ups your style game. The incredible watch dial will fetch you many compliments. It features a rose gold-polished stainless steel case.
  • It is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. The watch has a great colour combination that makes it exclusive. Purchase this now!

5. Bering Blue Analogue Men’s Watch – 12939-007


With an outer casing made from stainless steel, this watch has a superior quality built that makes it the best luxury men’s watch online. It is precision powered by a quartz movement and features a stunning blue dial with silver indices. It is water-resistant and equipped with a small date window. A trendsetting timepiece, the dial is also covered by a sapphire crystal that protects it from scratch.

Reasons for buying the watch:

  • Buy this super sleek watch for its professional design. Its beautiful dial makes it look appealing and features an easy-to-read vivid watch face.
  • It has a durable performance that surely won’t let you down. It suits formal outfits and will look good with different blazer styles.
  • It has an elegant colour combination, which gives it a premium look.

6. Bering Black Analogue Men’s Watch – 12138-162


It is inspired by a timeless classic style that features exceptional artistry. It has a black dial and is covered by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It is equipped with quartz movement technology and features an ultra-modern look. The watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters and features buckle-clasp safety.

Reasons for buying the watch:

  • Order this watch for its trendy and modish design. It has a large display with a polished rose gold case colour.
    It is completely light-in-weight and comfortable so you can wear it for long hours.
  • It is perfect for formal occasions. Consider this watch if you’re looking for a reliable choice as it comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

7. Bering Red Analogue Men’s Watch – 16940-599


If sleek and Northern Lights inspired watches entice you with their dazzling auroral sparkle, then this is the best option available in luxury men’s watches. It features a red-coloured vivid display dial with a red case. It offers unique scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protection, and the strap is crafted from red-coloured silicone mesh. It is powered by quartz technology and is water-resistant.

Reasons for buying the watch:

  • A part of our True Aurora watch collection, this watch is packed with features and easy-to-read dial, it is a great watch for daily wear. It is a fashionable watch that can be paired with jackets and jeans.
  • It is lightweight compared to other luxury Bering watches.

8. Bering Green Analogue Men’s Watch – 16940-899


When you think about luxury watches, the first brand that comes to mind is ‘Bering’. This watch features a unique green dial with green straps. It features a Danish design that makes it look unique. It supports water resistance up to 30 meters and has a matt finish that gives it a distinctive look.

Reasons for buying the watch:

  • It has an amazing analogue dial, making it a perfect wristwatch for casual and semi-formal occasions. If you’re looking for a watch that boasts of performance and style at the same time, then this one should be in your collection.
  • It also features a silicone strap that is comfortable and durable. It comes with a three years warranty. Go here for more details.

9. Bering Black Analogue Men’s Watch – 14241-002


One of the best men’s watches under INR 10,000, it features a black dial with silver-polished hands and analogue movement. It is scratch-resistant and features a steel band that secures with a safety clasp. It is powered by quartz technology and supports water resistance up to 30 meters.

Reasons for buying the watch:

  • Its built quality is great, and it has an easy-to-read watch face.
  • It features an elegant Milanese strap, which gives it a superior look. With the glossy metal body, the watch features a premium design. Buy now!

Final Word

Buying a Bering luxury watch is a matter of great pride. If you’re searching for a perfect luxury watch, you can consider the above options. Choose a wristwatch that suits your attire, personality and gives you a sense of joy. Make a worthy investment that you’ll cherish for a long time.

Do let us know your favourite Bering watch from the list, in the comment section below!

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