Top 11 Luxury Ceramic Watches For Women in 2022

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Ceramic watches have been on trend for a few years, and the craze for them is everywhere. Their luxurious charm and aesthetic are some of the reasons why they are preferred by women of all ages. The latest ceramic watches are created with innovative technologies, which creates a striking contrast between the enigmatic charm of this timepiece and its practical functionality.

If you are looking for timeless ceramic watches for women with impressive features, then here are the top BERING ceramic women’s watches for you!

About Our Ceramic Collection

Ceramic watches have a unique charisma that has made them a rare and sought-after name in the women’s watch category. Their mystique charm with a touch of glitz & glamour makes them the ultimate luxury timepiece without being too flashy. The rise in demand has also led to ceramic watches being crafted in different designs and colours.

Our BERING slim Ceramic collection uses innovative manufacturing techniques that make them durable, remarkably lightweight, scratch & heat resistant and hypoallergenic. With their hi-tech ceramic technology and edgy design, these ceramic wristwatches have become a must-have accessory that delivers on quality, comfort, style, and functionality.

Latest Ceramic Watches For Women

  1. BERING White Ceramic Analogue Watch For Women

    1. BERING White Ceramic Analogue Watch For Women 1This Danish design analogue watch inspired by the Arctic beauty is one of its kind. The SWAROVSKI crystals and rose-gold plated stainless steel case complements well with the white frame giving it a sleek aesthetic look. The hard sapphire crystal makes this watch scratch-resistant, making it a good choice for women with an active lifestyle. This watch is also heat-resistant & hypoallergenic, and the SWAROVSKI crystals as the hour markers add to its visual appeal.

  2. BERING Blue Ceramic Watch For Women

    2. BERING Blue Ceramic Watch For Women 1If you are a fan of slim, classic ceramic watches, then this BERING blue ceramic watch is for you. Featuring a simple and minimalistic design, it is a versatile timepiece with excellent features such as scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and is resistant to heat. It also has hypoallergenic characteristics, which makes it gentle on your skin. Simply put, this hi-tech ceramic watch is a total statement piece that will sparkle on your wrist.

  3. BERING Black Analogue Ceramic Women’s Watch

    3. BERING Black Analogue Ceramic Womens Watch 1This striking, flawless, and feminine BERING watch can easily double up as your go-to jewellery accessory. Embedded with SWAROVSKI crystals and offset with a rose-gold hue to match the black analogue, this timepiece is lightweight, durable, and exceptionally sophisticated. What’s more, it comes with 30 meters water resistance capability along with the signature scratch and heat resistance feature.

  4. BERING Brown Rose Gold Ceramic Watch For Women

    4. BERING Brown Rose Gold Ceramic Watch For Women 1With an impressive rich brown ceramic bezel, this breathtaking timepiece perfectly accentuates the colour and texture with the intricate Milanese strap. The watch features scratch-resistant sapphire crystal while being adorned with the stunning rose-gold stainless steel case that adds to its beauty. It includes hypoallergenic characteristics, which makes it well-suited for women with sensitive skin. As for functionality, it offers water and heat resistance and is remarkably lightweight.

  5. BERING Pink Ceramic Analogue Women’s Watch

    5. BERING Pink Ceramic Analogue Womens Watch 1This ceramic analogue watch comes in unusual and surprising colour coordination of silver & pink that makes it a dazzling timepiece for your watch collection. It is an epitome of a feminine ceramic watch by BERING that is sleek and modern and would fit gracefully on a women’s wrist. It has SWAROVSKI crystals as hour markers and the round ceramic case is highly scratch resistant and smooth to touch. It is also heat-resistant and hypoallergenic and is a perfect timepiece for both – formal and casual occasions.

  6. BERING Black Ceramic Rose Gold Analogue Women’s Watch

    6. BERING Black Ceramic Rose Gold Analogue Womens Watch 1Inspired by the Arctic beauty, this well-designed masterpiece is a modern-day elegance with its gold-tone and black finish. It features a high-precision quartz movement and is equipped with sapphire crystal which makes it resistant to scratches. The SWAROVSKI crystal hour markers infuse a level of luxury into this top-class ceramic watch. Whereas, the hypoallergenic characteristics make it a fashion-forward timepiece that will last you for years to comes.

  7. BERING Grey Ceramic Analogue Watch For Women

    7. BERING Grey Ceramic Analogue Watch For Women 1A stand-out accessory, this watch is synonymous with ‘ice beauty’ and made from hypoallergenic material. With its medical-grade stainless steel case and silver & grey finish, this ceramic watch features SWAROVSKI crystal hour markers and the signature scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. In terms of functionality, this BERING analogue watch delivers quartz movement and has a heat-resistant capability, which makes it an ideal timepiece for everyday use.

  8. BERING White Ceramic Analogue Women’s Watch

    8. BERING White Ceramic Analogue Womens Watch 1Captivate everyone with this beautiful white & gold BERING white ceramic ladies watch that is a high-end timepiece and fashionable accessory. Its quintessential style makes it an heirloom timepiece, while its excellent features offer longevity and reliability. This uber-chic ceramic watch by BERING comes with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and has a hypoallergenic trait. The best part, the SWAROVSKI crystals as hour markers and sleekly burnished “Smooth Touch” finish further adds more aesthetic appeal to this Nordic Beauty.

  9. BERING Black Ceramic Watch For Women

    9. BERING Black Ceramic Watch For Women 1If you are looking for a no-fuss timepiece that is sleek yet unique, then this modish black ceramic watch is just what you need. With the number-free face, this is an all-black piece with slight accents of rose-gold hue. It is a smart everyday timepiece that is highly durable thanks to the use of robust hi-tech ceramic. It is also hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Most importantly, it comes with incredible features such as heat and scratch resistance.

  10. BERING White Ceramic Analogue Women’s Watch

    10. BERING White Ceramic Analogue Womens Watch 1This futuristic white ceramic analogue watch could easily be a replacement for your favourite jewellery accessory with its alluring design. Crafted from highly durable material, this watch exudes an exotic charm that is heightened by the hypoallergenic hi-tech ceramic. The round stainless steel case is embedded with SWAROVSKI crystals and features SWAROVSKI hour markers. It also has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, making it a perfect accessory for modern women.

  11. BERING Black Ceramic Analogue Women’s Watch

    11. Bering Black Analogue Womens Watch 1This BERING’s watch for women is an exceptional beauty and the most trendy timepiece on the list. Referred to as the black swan for its sleek design, it has no hour markers except for the 12th hour, and there is no needless flair or glitz, just pure simplicity with visual finesse. Featuring a medical-grade stainless steel case and black & silver-tone finish, this splendid analogue watch has a 30-meter water resistance rating, is heat resistant and hypoallergenic. It also offers a smooth touch, thanks to the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.


When it comes to the perfect watch for women, rose-gold watches and ceramic watches tops the list. These stunning wristwatches add a touch of elegance to all outfits and are luxurious timepieces for all the beautiful Divas out there. The above is just a glimpse of our exclusive BERING ceramic watch collection for ladies. If you are looking for more versatile watches, then check out our Max René watch collection that comes with the unique sliding technique wherein you can replace the straps in seconds.

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