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When the new rose gold colour launched a few years ago, we all knew it is soon going to be our favourite. Rose gold watches are not only sleek but looks so splendid it makes you want to wear it daily. Whether it is for office wear or a party, this watch will make you look exceptional. The rose gold colour has pink undertones while the contrasting yellow and gold colour makes it look more captivating.

This vastly popular design was introduced by Russian jeweller Carl Fabergé in the late 19th century. This copper-infused blush colour is every women’s dream and can also be used as a piece of luxurious jewellery.

Below we have listed the top 10 BERING rose gold watches that you can choose from.

Latest Rose Gold Watch For Women

Our collection of watches include the classic BERING watches, solar watches, ceramic watches, among others. Here are a few options for BERING rose gold ladies watches just for you!

1. BERING Max Rene Black Analogue Women’s Watch

BERING Max Rene Black Analogue Women’s Watch

From our prestigious Max-Rene collection, this black analogue watch is a total steal and the most sought-after. It is meticulously designed with the highest craftsmanship and looks sophisticated & graceful. It features a premium scratch-resistant sapphire crystal along with 50 meters water resistance capability. The Max Rene collection is unique in itself as it offers several strap colour options with an easy sliding mechanism that allows you to change your watch strap according to your attire at any time giving you a fabulous look always.

2. BERING Brown Rose-Gold Analogue Women’s Watch

BERING Brown Rose-Gold Analogue Women’s Watch

This striking analogue timepiece has a rich brown bezel with crystal indices. It is extremely lightweight, and its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal ensures that you can wear it at all times without any worry. Intricately encased in a stainless steel rose-gold case, this watch has a Milanese strap that adds more glamour to an already impressive watch. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters and also heat resistant. The best part, it is a hypoallergenic watch which makes it a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. Part of the BERING Slim Ceramic collection, purchase this watch right away if you are looking for a fashionable timepiece that provides extra safety and comfort.

3. BERING Rose Gold Analogue Women’s Watch

BERING Rose Gold Analogue Women’s Watch

From our all-time classic collection, this watch is a perfect combination of contemporary design and timeless elegance. The ultra-fine Milanese strap provides ultimate comfort while smoothly blending in with the impressive rose gold colour of the watch. It offers up to 30 meters of water-resistant, and its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal will make you want to wear this stunning watch every day. The stylish designed indices and hands with four tiny diamonds marking the 12th hour completes the overall look of this watch. Thus, if you want to buy BERING’s rose gold watch, then check out this watch right away!

4. BERING Pebble Red Analogue Watch For Women

BERING Pebble Red Analogue Watch For Women

Crafted by KiBiSi, this stunning watch is a part of our Pebble Series. Just like the smooth pebbles of the Scandinavian coast that are distinctive yet simple, this ruby red watch is truly unique. The radiant bright colour with hints of rose gold gives it a groovy character while its scratch and water-resistant technology make it highly durable. It features a stainless steel band with a Milanese mesh strap and comes with a 3 years international warranty. A true trendsetter, this watch is available in different variants of solid colours that are sure to amplify one’s individuality. Plus, this one-of-kind watch is a must-have accessory for all watch lovers.

5. BERING Rose Gold Analogue Women’s Watch

BERING Rose Gold Analogue Women’s Watch

Wear it as jewellery or a watch, this ladies rose gold watch from our classic collection is bound to make the wearer stand out. Having an uncanny resemblance to a priceless ornament, this timepiece is eye-catching and unconventional. This rose gold masterpiece has an analogue display that is paired with an elegant Milanese strap. It is also water and scratch-resistant. With BERING’s finest craftsmanship, this watch can be a luxurious gift for those who aren’t shy to make a bold statement.

6. BERING Black Rose Gold Watch For Women

BERING Black Rose Gold Watch For Women

If you are looking for a rose gold watch that is free from unnecessary bling and frills, then this simple black rose gold watch is just what you need. This is a stylish everyday timepiece made from stainless steel and features the superfine Milanese straps. This watch is part of our Minimalistic Series and an ideal choice for those who think that being subtle is classy. This classic watch from BERING also comes with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and 50 meters of water resistance making it a long-lasting accessory. The best part, owing to its simple design this watch is best for both formal as well as casual settings.

7. BERING Pebble White Analogue Women’s Watch

BERING Pebble White Analogue Women’s Watch

Make an impression wherever you go with this BERING’s rose gold wristwatch that is an embodiment of minimalistic elegance. Featuring a white and rose gold colour, this analogue watch will surely captivate you with its slim, feminine lines. Ideal for women looking for a no-fuss simplistic design, it provides comfort and style with its premium Milanese strap so you can wear it stress-free all day long. It also comes with the exclusive anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. So, make a purchase and add this beautiful watch to your collection today!

8. BERING Blue Analogue Rose Gold Watch For Women

BERING Blue Analogue Rose Gold Watch For Women

This rose gold watch for women is simple yet chic. Its body is made from stainless steel which has a round analogue display and encased in a polished rose gold case. The bold blue colour is visually striking and the highlights include a high-quality scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, precise quartz movement, and Milanese strap. This BERING watch is a wonderful blend of alluring aesthetics & technology and is available in different colour variants.

9. BERING Green Analogue Women’s Watch

BERING Blue Analogue Rose Gold Watch For Women

The unusual colour combination of shimmering green and rose gold gives this analogue wristwatch a quirky yet sophisticated look. The watch shimmers in different shades of green as the lightning changes. Being a BERING’s watch it comes with scratch-resistant capability, thanks to the sapphire crystal. It is also water-resistant, and the quartz movement ensures accurate time while the durable Milanese strap gives it a modern aura.

10. BERING Grey Analogue Rose Gold Women’s Watch

BERING Grey Analogue Rose Gold Women’s Watch

From our solar watch collection, we bring to you this eco-friendly wristwatch that is known for its incredible detailing. It comes with a rechargeable battery, scratch-resistant and water-resistant capabilities. The pink gold hue complements well with the grey colour of the watch and the Milanese mesh strap provides a comfortable fit on the wrist. This watch is powered by a reliable quartz movement and has a round-shape analogue display.


Why settle for regular silver or gold watches, when you can make a stunning fashion statement with BERING’s rose gold watch. These are just a few of the bestselling rose gold wristwatches for women from our collection.

If you are looking for other watches in the women’s segment, then you can opt for solar watches that are the latest trend for both women and men. So, wait no longer and buy rose gold watches online at the best prices right here, right now!

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