How To Pick The Perfect Watch For Your Hand Size?

Pick The Perfect Watch For Your Hand Size

Ever worn clothes that don’t feel right or aren’t comfortable? Wearing a style that isn’t yours would definitely make you feel strange. And this holds true for everything, be it jewellery, shoes or even watches. A watch should match your personality and style. This is why it is crucial to know which watch suits you and what size is best for you.

A] Know Your Wrist Size

Measure your wrist with a flexible tape where you would normally wear your watch. You can also use a strip of paper or a thin string to measure your wrist. Make a mark where the tape/string overlaps your wrist. In case of a paper strip or string, place it on the ruler to measure it.

  • For men, the average watch size – with a wrist circumference of 7.5 – 9.5 inches – is 1.6-1.8 inches
  • For women, the average watch size – with a wrist circumference of 5.9 – 7.1 inches – is 1.3-1.7 inches.

Note: Choosing a watch based on the size of the wrist and watch circumference isn’t a thumb rule. The vital part is the watch you select should be comfortable to wear and match your personality.

B] Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Watch

The questions that cross an individual’s mind while buying a watch are:

  • What size watch should I select?
  • What is the correct diameter?
  • What colour should I pick?

Answering these questions can help you pick the right wristwatch. To break it down for you, here are a few factors to consider while buying a watch. We have also provided a few BERING watch suggestions that you can look at.

1. Watch Case Diameters

The size of the case diameter mostly depends on what you feel is appropriate for your wrist. There is nothing worse than a friend taking a look at your watch and commenting that it is too big or too small for your hand. To pick a more proportional watch, here is a tip:

For a small wrist or a medium wrist, always opt for slim watches. This can help you achieve a clean, finished, and balanced look. Some of the options in the slim watch-style category include:

  • BERING Black Analogue Watch for Women
  • BERING Black Analogue Watch for Women

    This is a classic timepiece inspired by Danish designs. It is an excellent everyday watch ideal for both formal and casual occasions. This rectangular black analogue watch for women has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and paired with a Milanese band. The stainless steel finishing adds the perfect touch to this elegant wristwatch and is well-suited for women who are always on the go.

  • BERING Ultra-Slim Black Analogue Men’s Watch
  • BERING Ultra-Slim Black Analogue Men’s Watch

    One of the slimmest men’s watches on the market, this ultra-slim watch by BERING is made from medical-grade stainless steel and protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. With a rose-gold case and black Milanese band, this watch is suitable for a semi-formal occasion and has a minimalistic look.

  • BERING Brown and Rose Gold Analogue Women’s Watch
  • BERING Brown and Rose Gold Analogue Women’s Watch

    This is another fabulous small wristwatch for ladies. This brown and rose gold women’s watch is part of BERING’s high-tech slim ceramic collection. Featuring the signature scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, this ceramic women’s watch is lightweight, heat-resistant, and made from hypoallergenic material. The best part, it has SWAROVSKI crystals as hour markers, which makes it a fashionable accessory.

2. Watch Bandwidth

A well-proportioned watch usually has a bandwidth of about half its case diameter. If you wear a 50mm watch, the width should be approximately 25mm. If your watch features a 42mm case, it should have a 21mm bandwidth. Depending on your style preference, you may wear a watch with a wider bandwidth. If you have larger wrists, you may lean towards wider bands or vice versa. Of course, this is just a guide, and the bandwidth choice would depend on a person’s taste.

  • BERING Green Analogue Men’s Watch
  • BERING Green Analogue Men’s Watch

    This well-proportioned watch is part of BERING’s limited titanium collection and is ultra-light and ultra-elegant. If you are looking for a semi-casual men’s watch for big wrists, then this is just what you need. This striking green analogue watch has a brown leather band that is smooth and stylish. The case diameter of this watch is 40mm, while the bandwidth is 20mm. It is made from hypoallergenic titanium and protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This watch is powered by quartz movement, and apart from bold numerals as hour markers, it also has a small date window.

  • BERING Max René Black Analogue Women’s Watch
  • BERING Max René Black Analogue Women’s Watch

    An outstanding watch that’ll help you make a subtle style statement, this black analogue women’s watch is distinctively feminine yet strikingly contemporary in its look. Featuring a Milanese band, this watch is lightweight and protected by hard, crystal clear, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It has a bandwidth of 20mm, while the case diameter is 32mm. Encased in a stainless steel case, the USP of the Max René women’s watch is that it allows you to change the band of the watch with its novel sliding technology. So, you can pick a new colour every day to suit your mood or occasion.

3. Watch Case Thickness

Generally, the case diameter decreases or increases the case thickness. For 38mm to 42mm case diameter, you will see around 7mm in thickness. Once you get to 44mm and beyond, the thickness increases to around 9mm.

  • BERING Ultra Slim Blue Analogue Men’s Watch
  • BERING Ultra-Slim Black Analogue Men’s Watch

    This blue analogue men’s watch by BERING measures just 4.8 mm in height and is one of the slimmest watches, ideal for casual wear. It features an empty face with simple white indices. Alongside just a thickness of a few millimetres, it sports a fine Milanese band and is covered by a sapphire crystal that protects it from scratches.

4. Watch Case Shapes

There are many options for watch cases such as oval, square, circle, rectangle, cushion, and tonneau. While the watch case shapes could differ, they could have the same case size. In addition to the case shape, factors such as the geometry or design of the case can make the wristwatch seem bigger or smaller. If you prefer a traditional watch, a round-shape watch is ideal. If you want something more elegant, you can opt for an oval and a tonneau-shaped watch.

  • Bering Pebble Red Analogue Women’s Watch
  • Bering Pebble Red Analogue Women’s Watch

    This is a stunning oval-shaped watch for women in vibrant red. This watch is encased in a polished rose gold case and comes with a 30-meter water resistance capability. The red Milanese strap is paired with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Whereas, the empty face gives it a minimalistic look that is simply glorious. What’s more, this analogue watch by BERING comes with a 3-year international warranty.

  • BERING Blue Analogue Solar Watch For Men
  • BERING Blue Analogue Solar Watch For Men

    Featuring the conventional round shape, this solar watch for men symbolises timelessness with its simplicity. Featuring a black stainless steel case, this blue analogue watch has silver-tone hands & indices and a date window. It is an excellent choice for those looking to add an eco-friendly watch to their collection.


Selecting the right wristwatch is not challenging when you know what factors to consider. The wrist size guide gives you an overall view of the general rule to follow when buying a watch. However, as mentioned earlier, in most cases, choosing a wristwatch comes down to your preference. Apart from the above-listed watches, you can also browse through the other watches offered by BERING to make a well-informed decision.

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